A lot of countries are great because of the beautiful beaches and sports. The coastline is a nice place to relax, but you can also do a lot of fun sports activities there. It is wonderful to enjoy this in your free time. In addition to hiking, eating and building sandcastles, there are some really cool sports activities you can do on the beach. We have some awesome tips for you that you can do on the beach, besides chilling of course! 


When you think of surfing you quickly think of places like Hawaii or Australia but also on a lot of other beaches you can brave the waves on a surfboard. It is a fun activity to learn the basic techniques of surfing. When you first manage to keep your balance and be pushed in the direction of the surf, you will notice what a fantastic experience it is. Don’t forget to get yourself a hawaii blouse and other hawaii kleding. As a real surfer you have to go all the way.


It is becoming an increasingly popular sport: kitesurfing. Understandable because it is an incredibly cool activity. You need enough water for good kitesurfing, and a strong wind. It is important to take lessons because it’s not as easy as it looks. It is a sport that you do not master within 2 to 3 hours, also theory lessons are essential to understand how it works. For kitesurfing, of course, you need equipment. The kite with a bar (the handlebar of the kite), a board and a wetsuit to keep yourself warm in the cold water are essential. Fancy a spectacular adventure along the coast? Go kitesurfing


Not into the cold water? Supping is something for you! With paddling you stand on the board and move by using a paddle. It seems very relaxing but on the sea it can really feel like a full-body workout. The advantage of paddling is that it is not very difficult and actually everyone can practice the sport immediately. When it comes to supping, a special sup board is used, which is a lot wider than a normal surfboard. It is also a lot more resistant to waves and much more stable. 

Branding kayaking

Branding kayaking is also a spectacular activity that can be practiced along the coast. The goal is to brave the big waves. This makes it similar to wave surfing. The higher the waves, the more adventurous it becomes. It is a fun activity but also quite tiring. Kayaking can be done alone or in pairs in a kayak. Do you dare to break the waves or to glide as fast as possible towards the surf?