Sports represent so much to die-hard fans. A team can be the pride of a city, a sport can represent a nation. Legacies can be made through sweat and tears, and a person from a simple upbringing can create immense wealth through their hard work and perseverance. However, for most fans, sports are first and foremost entertainment, and these teams are the most entertaining in their respective sports right now. 


The Brooklyn Nets


If you are interested in watching a basketball team that will deliver high scoring games and have one of the best lineups in the sport, then the Brooklyn Nets are for you. Brooklyn fans have been waiting patiently for a long time to have this calibre of star power and they have been heavily rewarded.


This is the most overpowered squad we have seen in basketball in some time. Not only do they regularly have games where they score over 100 points, they do it in a style that is all at once aggressive, stylish, and completely overwhelming for the opposing team. 


Gonzaga Bulldogs


Basketball fans not only love the NBA, but commonly follow college level basketball as well. Of all the top NCAA teams, the Gonzaga Bulldogs are definitely one to follow. This is a team known for their work ethic, resulting in sensational on-court results as they dominate their opponents. 


The Bulldogs have won numerous championships over the years and are responsible for elite NBA players like John Stockton, Domantas Sabonis, Rui Hachimura, and Kelly Olynyk. When we refer to the NCAA college basketball picks, we can see that sports analysts love to discuss this team and their matchups. The Bulldogs will always be an exciting college basketball team. 

The Buffalo Bills 


Football is an intense sport. Any given Sunday we may see a clash of titans as the best teams in the NFL go at it. With so many talented players across the league it is definitely a challenge to name one team as the most exciting, we could choose the current Super Bowl champions, LA Rams or even the Tampa Bay Buccaneers that got Tom Brady back, but in our opinion, it has to be the Buffalo Bills. 


First off, the Bills have arguably the best wide receiver in the league with Stefon Diggs. This means you are sure to see some astounding catches and runs every time the Bills play. Their quarterback, Josh Allen, is also a determined young athlete with a strong arm. When he’s not bombing the ball down the field, he’s making plays happen with the run. 


The Bills also have always been known as a defense-heavy squad, meaning you get action on both sides of the ball when you watch them play. Last year’s lineup wasn’t the sack machine that the 2014 Bills were with Marcell Dareus and Mario Willams, but they were still elite.


The San Diego Padres 


In terms of pure excitement, you’ll be hard pressed to find a better team in baseball than the San Diego Padres. The Padres have been riding a wave of media attention that has energized the sport overall. Currently the team sits in the top ten where they have remained all season long.


It takes the effort of all players involved for a team to be successful, and the Padres have some very intriguing stars to work with. Fernando Tatis Jr. has managed to break beyond the barriers of the sport to become both the new face of baseball and a fully fledged media sensation in a way that no other player has since Alex Rodriguez. 


Not only is he the 2nd or 3rd best batter in the league, but Tatis Jr. is an acrobat when it comes to the shortstop position and can steal bases better than anyone. Manny Machado is another key player with his batting and his prowess on 3rd base. Yu Darvish is one of the best pitchers in the league. 


Pittsburgh Penguins


While the Steelers may be the pride of Pittsburgh, the Penguins certainly give them a run for their money and get just as much love from the residents there. The Penguins have been one of the best teams in the NHL for a while now, and have brought home five Stanley Cup championships since 1990. 


The Penguins have the honor of being the only team that generational-talent Sidney Crosby has played for. Wayne Getzsky is considered the greatest hockey player of all time, the so-called “Great One”, where Crosby is called “The Next One”. This should clue you into the high regards the hockey community has for him.