A game simulation is the best way gamers can control what happens in their favorite game. One can use sports video games to play several roles including that of a coach as well as a player. You get the chance to explore your dreams and sports fantasies without setting foot on the actual field. On that note, there are unique games that will inspire your gaming spirit by merely playing. Here is a list of such games that will make your day fun and eventful. 

Triple Play (2002)

Are you a baseball lover and want something to uplift your spirit? Well, triple play is a classic game that will quench your thirst. From phenomenal stadiums to excellent controls, this game is arguably one of the best to inspire your real-life aspirations. People who have played this legendary game will attest that although it doesn’t involve injuries, it still stands out as incredibly exciting. Most importantly, Triple Play is played on virtually every device, thus giving easy accessibility to a wide range of gamers. Finally, the game is quite smooth and accurate, further giving users a fun experience. 

Madden 2006

Another iconic sports game with an incredible competing spirit, Madden has one of the best features you can find in a sports game. Most importantly, Madden comes with a superstar mode which gives players the ability to counter tackles among other features. The game is incredibly realistic and gives everything you would expect in a real game. Madden’s lead character, a young ambitious player working his way to the top, starts by undergoing an IQ test that would eventually lead him to stardom. Finally, Madden gives the user full control of the game and the fate of their characters is full in their hands.


Anyone that has played any FIFA game will confirm that these games can easily influence your thinking about football. FIFA 10 does not only come with great features but also has advanced gameplay. Most importantly, this game comes with several amazing modes such as the Virtual Pro and the Manager. That means you get to choose how you want to play your players through the four seasons. If you’re looking for a phenomenal soccer experience, trust FIFA 10 to give you just that. Finally, this video game is highly engaging, thanks to its impeccable graphic features and flawless gameplay. 

Flamme Rouge

Flamme Rouge is the first cycling game on our list. The game gives the user several chances of winning the race, including maintaining a steady lead from the start. Technically, Flamme Rouge is the virtual version of Tour De France, only that it’s jaw-dropping graphics. To win the cycling race, the player must navigate different types of terrain in the shortest time possible. A multi-player game where the player controls two cyclists, Flamme Rouge also ensures no cyclist falls far behind the pack in the course of the race. 

Crash Tackle Rugby

If you’re thrilled by the extreme slamming and intricate tackles of rugby, then this game is the perfect dose for your boredom. A 15 a side super rugby match; Crash Tackle gives you a chance to guide your dream team to victory amidst a formidable opposition. You get a chance to put yourself right in the middle of the game;guiding your side to strategic positioning, picking lightning pace, and putting continuous pressure on the opponent. The kind of graphics you find Crash Tackle Rugby is unseen anywhere else in the gaming world. It is worth trying out and it might just change your mindset about rugby. 


Looking at some of the sports games available in various stores, you will quickly notice that they’re a reflection of real-life sports. They serve as a stepping stone to starting a successful career in your favorite game. Alternatively, for those who think they’re past their prime, the games allow you to keep your hopes and aspirations alive. 

Most importantly, these games are everything that happens in the actual game, so you can apply all the tactics you’ve been seeing. That is not to mention impeccable features incorporated in each game to enhance the player’s experience further. We hope you find a game that will inspire your competing spirit among the ones listed above.