Thousands of people around the world enjoy watching the MLB. There are many reasons for this. Not only is it the biggest sports league globally, but it is also the oldest professional sports league in Canada and the US. As well as this, the MLB has some of the world’s richest sports teams, including the New York Yankees, valued at over $4 billion!

The MLB comprises 30 teams: 1 in Canada and the other 29 in the United States. Teams play a total of 162 games each season, and five teams each year advance to the post-season tournament, which finishes with the World Series.

Over the last few years, several teams have managed to reach the World Series, but which of these teams has been the most successful since the MLB was created? Keep reading below to find out:

1. The New York Yankees

If you love watching the MLB on tv or regularly play a baseball manager game, then it will probably come as no surprise to you that the New York Yankees are the most successful team of all time. Research suggests that this fantastic team has had fewer failures than any other team and thus has brought more happiness to their fans.

In fact, if we look at the statistics, the Yankees have won 57% of their games since they were founded in 1901. This is a total of over 10,370 wins! However, there is still some room for improvement, 780 games worth, to be precise.

2. San Francisco Giants

The San Francisco Giants are another MLB team that has won more than 50% of their games since their team was founded in 1883. In fact, evidence suggests that they have managed to win a whopping 53.5% of their games. They have also made the World Series on 20 occasions, taking home the trophy eight times.

3. Los Angeles Dodgers

Like the San Francisco Giants, the Los Angeles Dodgers have made it to the World Series on 20 occasions. However, their win record isn’t quite as good as the Giants, as they have only won the trophy on seven occasions. While this might not sound like a lot, it is a fantastic achievement that few teams have managed to achieve.

As well as this, the Dodgers also have a pretty good win record on the field. They have won over 52% of their games since they were founded in 1883.

4. St. Louis Cardinals

The last MLB team that has managed over 52% of wins is the St. Louis Cardinals. Playing out of the Busch Stadium in Missouri, the St. Louis Cardinals hold the second-best record in the MLB for World Series wins, taking home the trophy a massive 11 times.

5. Oakland Athletics

The final team to make the list is Oakland Athletics. While this team has not had as much success recently, research suggests that they have made the World Series on 14 occasions since they were founded, winning nine out of their 14 games.

The MLB is a sports league that thousands of people tune in to watch each year, and we can see why. Not only is it the oldest league in the world, but it also consists of some fantastic teams, including all of the teams we’ve listed above. Which team is your favorite?