If there is a professional sports league, which can keep itself away from the cash cow of TV, then it has to be the NBA. After the announcement of the new streaming service of NBA TV, it became popular that it will feature hundred (100) live games in a season, on-demand content, and original programs at a monthly expense of only $6.99. 

The original network shall stay on television and it will be available online to satellite and cable subscribers. This may not be a game-changer, though it is a sign that this game is changing. NBA is just following the path that is being laid down by the fans, who know about every possible movement of players online but they are not quick to turn on the television to notice the results. 

It makes a lot of sense that the NBA will take online video content where the media-savvy social players and the league reign supreme. This NBA has Twitter followers of 28.6 million almost 4 million over the NFL. The personal Instagram account of LeBron James doubles both these tallies having 52.5 followers. The wild storylines of NBA feature outspoken players, agent signings, and clothing choices are taking over the social media regularly.

The Statistics

Charting the newest topic on Social media platforms is one thing; however, it is losing ground on TV, wherein NFL still rules. During the first month, the viewership of NFL Sunday games increased by 6 percent over the previous year. NBA is showing a decline of 5 percent in the ratings of national television in the previous year, as per the Sports Business Daily and it is beginning this season in a mixed way.

The NBA can never beat the television ratings of the NFL so it is better to change the venue. Again, the NBA has a younger audience than other American sports leagues. The only exception is soccer. When you shift online that is inhabited by the next generation it shall reduce the demographics lower than ever. 

It will be beneficial for those fans who want to watch online. The games broadcast by ESPN and TNT are available online together with NBA League Pass of the games that are out of the market. And the games that were broadcast only on NBA television were available on television only but not anymore. You can see and play more games like Bandar Togel Online.

No barriers

There are no barriers anymore for NBA fans. An NBA television subscription along with NBA League Pass with a streaming package containing ESPN as well as TNT (including Sling TV, Hulu, or YouTube) will enable viewers to watch a nationally available game. The market segment of online viewers is growing whereas satellite and cable subscribe shrink. 

The other leagues provide online content; however, they do not offer a complete streaming service such as NBA TV. The MLB.TV online is restricted to games strictly minus feature or commentary programming. The RedZone of NFL offering broadcasts only Sunday shows including its highlights, however, it does not offer the same coverage as the NFL network. With NBA television streaming service, NBA league offers all its NBA television programming online.