We can all admit that the past year has not been a great one for sports, NBA included.  The world pandemic has seen us all work in bubbles to make sure that sporting events continue, whilst at the same time we forgot what watching a basketball match live is, as every sporting event was taking place behind closed doors with no fans attending. 

Next week is the new season launch for 2020 – 2021 kick off, and the upcoming season is already accumulating a lot of noise. Why? It will be a hell of a ride for athletes to make it to the top. Some of the most notable athletes; that will want to leave a mark will undoubtedly be Stephen Curry, Kevin Durant and also Kyrie Inrving.  All of which are returning from injury and looking to leave a lasting mark on the new season. 

As the pandemic  is still very much around us and still very much alive, and hence the 30 teams that will be launching the 2021 season will play their 72 scheduled games in empty pitches.  Sad? Definitely, but this is the only way that sports can go on in a healthy and secure setup. On another note, some teams have been out since October, March even.  Will the players be in time to make an impact on the season and make it a big one? Let;s have a look at some key players to keep tabs on for the upcoming season.

The MVP – Most Valuable Player – Will Lillard take the crown?

The NBA season has seen many MVPs come and go, but a new season will always bring new joys and new speculations on who will be crowned the new MVP. If we take a look back at the NBA’s history, there are only a few players that took home the MVP title multiple times in a row. This could be deemed as a good season or a good track record for the said athlete. 

The talk of the town is on Damian Lillard from the Portland Trail Blazers.NBA bookies feel that his landing the MVP status might still be a wee bit out of his reach, yet the athlete has already secured his team 7 playoffs.  If Lillard managed to help Portland make it to the very top three seed, the MVP status could become a dream come true.  Also, Lillard is deemed to be one the nicest most approachable people in the NBA, a media sweetheart if you will. This is the kind of MVP all rounder that the NBA craves afterall. 

Apart from Lillard being the talk of the town, let us not forget about Durant making a very much publicized comeback to the league, Luka Doncic being the legend that he is, and the Lakers having Athony Davis making it to the very very top. All of these athletes could easily be MVP for the upcoming season. So if you are looking for NBA bookies, we suggest you bet on Lillard and one of the above.

The Defensive Player of the Year – Will it be Anthony David from the Los Angeles Lakers?

One of the best defense athletes hat the NBA has ever seen has to be Anthony Davis. If you had to ask us who you should place your money on, it has to be Davis. He is quick, sharp, has massive reach and also is swift in his more and more tactics. David is deemed to be an NBA all rounder with memorable defense strategies. 

The Lakers have benefited greatly from Davis and their man.  He is the one that has given the Lakers so much this season, and there is talk that he will be crowned the Defensive Player of the Year. NBA bookies are already taking bets, and Davis is definitely the favourite in this department, with Miami’s Bam Adebayo and Joel Embiid also being possible contenders. 

The Rookie of the Year – Obi Toppin from the New York Knicks 

The NBA sees many Rookies at every new season, and all of them compete to be crowned the Rookie of the year. Being the Rookie status will see these players make a name for themselves in new ground. They will potentially see pay rises and also potentially move to bigger teams, hence being crowned rookie does have its perks afterall. 

This season, Obi Toppin is rumoured to be the favourite one to take home the crown and be the rookie of the year. Toppin might only be 22 years in age, but he is already deemed as the offensive player that the Kicks have been craving for.  Take our word dear punters, when visiting NBA bookies, we suggest you bet on Toppin as he is the most deserving. 

If you want to consider other athletes, we suggest that you look at Miami’s Bam Adebayo or even Philadelphia’s Joel Embiid. 

The Most Improved player of the Year – Will it be Micheal Porter Jr from the Denver Nuggets?

There were days when we did not see a future for Micheal Porter Jr. in the NBA. We just did not see the potential. But only lately and coming off from rookie status, did Porter step up his game and became an NBA future legend.

The departure of Jerami Grant has paved the way for Porter to take center stage, display his skills and show how much he is deemed as an improved player. He has both attacking and offensive skills, and seems to be the most improved athlete for the season. Do you agree with our reasoning?  NBA bookies seem to be on our page, along with Zion Williamson from New Orleans and also Phoenix’s Deandre Ayton.  Who shall it be?

Sixth Man of the Year: Let’s talk about  Dennis Schroder from the Los Angeles Lakers

Schroder and Le Bron James together are a powerhouse. The Los Angeles Lakers know this, and all the NBA fans know this. Whilst Le Bron is that type of athlete that will make it from the very start of the game, Schroder is the player that will come in at the end of the game to seal the deal. 

There is one thing that the Lakers should take onboard and that is to make sure to stagger their star athletes. If Le Bron takes the bench, which to be fair is quite unlikely, Schroder will have made pitch time.  This is the main reason that Schroder is deemed the man to be listed at Sixth Man of the Year, following a second place stint during last season. Will this year be his year? Other players to consider include Spencer Dinwiddle from the Nets and also Jordan Clarkson from the Utah Jazz. 

Coach of the Year – Let’s crown the Dallas Mavericks Rick Carlise, shall we?

Many coaches come and go in the NBA, but only few make their mark and will be remembered for many years to come. Rick Carlise from the Dallas Mavericks is just one of those coaches that will be talked about, in a good way of course. 

This time around, we very much envisage that Carlise will be the coach of the year. NBA bookies seem to agree with us on this one. Carlisle has the unique ability of encouraging, motivating and also getting players on his side towards a common winning goal.  His defense is impeccable, and is very much deserving of a top coach title.  Question is, will he stay at the Mavericks if he gets the title, or will anyone else try and scoop him away?

Other notable NBA coaching contenders include Brad Stevens from the Celtics and also Portland’s Terry Stotts. Reading for a hefty coaching bet? 

Executive of the Year – It has to be Sean Marks from the Brooklyn Nets

Sean Marks has been one of those executives with an agenda, And his agenda has secured 2 of the most celebrated players in the NBA. Durant and also Irving wayback in 2019.  Apart from this Marks has also added new players to his team and also managed to secure some of the best trades for the Brooklyn Nets. 

There are many players that will agree that Sea Marks should be landing the Coach of the year, with some of them not even coached by Marks. NBA Bookies have already been claiming that Marks will get the award. Deserving? Very much so.  Along with him, The Lakers’s Rob Pelinka is being dubbed as a serious contender along with David Griffin from the New Orleans Pelicans. 

Now that  a new NBA season is upon us all, it is high time we visit NBA bookmakers and start placing tose much needed bets. Visit your favourite bookies and place your bets dear punter.