Jackie Chambers, a 33-year-old model, worked as a noncheering cheerleader for the Houston Texans last season. What is a non cheerleading cheerleader? Great question. This comes via the NY Times, who have written several exposes on the trial and tribulations of NFL cheerleaders. 

Via the NY Times:  

To address that shortcoming, some teams created a different kind of cheerleading team — one whose members did not do any cheering or require any dance training. They were hired mainly for their appearance. Their visits with male fans, the teams believed, produced a better game-day experience, akin to the approach of the Hooters restaurant chain.

In interviews with a dozen women who have worked for N.F.L. teams as noncheering cheerleaders and six others who had direct knowledge of the noncheering squads, they described minimum-wage jobs in which harassment and groping were common, particularly because the women were required to be on the front lines of partying fans. The fans had no reason to believe these women were not actual cheerleaders because the women often dressed exactly like the cheerleaders dancing on the field or nearly the same.

“It’s a really big secret, and now you know about it,” said Jackie Chambers, 33, a model with more than a decade of experience who worked as a Houston Texans noncheering cheerleader last season. “But teams don’t want fans to know about it. All of the cheerleaders are supposed to blend in with each other.”

The Redskins use their cheerleader ambassadors — their name for noncheering cheerleaders — in their promotional material for luxury suite sales.  

The NFL on top of all its other issues, really has a cheerleader problem. They need to figure this out, because it’s just more bad PR, which the NFL has plenty of these days.