The Women’s World Cup is arriving on our doorsteps really quickly and as it gets closer, everyone is scrambling to figure out how Norway will be performing in it. And while the news of the fact that Ada will once again be sitting out the championship means that the team will probably not be performing at its best, we still have reason to be optimistic about what is going to be happening in the cup, at least according to some of the odds published by Norwegian sportsbooks locally. Let us look at the composition of the team and see what we are supposed to be expecting from the team.

First, the coach: Martin Sjögren has been with the team since 2016 and, even despite a horrible start to his career with the Norwegian team, seems to have recovered somewhat. He is seen as a bigger part of the team and is more respected by the team mates, so the coach might be contributing more and better to the team’s performance in 2019 than before. But the coach is not the one who will be determining how the players perform, so let us look who the star of the team is when Ada is absent.

In 2019, the Norwegian team is expecting Caroline Graham Hansen to act as the team’s most important player this time around. The winger is 24 years old and is one that has set herself up for success by playing for Lyn. She is a well rounded, complete player with a pace to rival some of the best players in the world, amazing dribbling skills and the ability to pick up even the most minute chances to score a goal.

Another player that might be one of the leading causes for Norway’s victories this year will be Guro Reiten, who is expected to be one of the players to create the balance between defense and offense that the team needs to succeed. But her offensive skills are what is going to shine in the future, as she is known to be an outstanding long-distance kicker with a left foot that many players dream of. But these two are not the only players in the team. The entire team is composed of star players, some of the best in Norway and the only way Norway is going to perform appropriately is if they cooperate to the utmost degree.

So what are the potential outcomes and what are the fans supposed to be expected in France in the Women’s World Cup 2019? Well, the projections are more than optimistic. While Norway may have landed in a tough qualifying set, they came out on top. Not only that, but they beat some of the most impressive teams (such as the Netherlands) in order to be eligible to become part of the cup. So, if the team continues with the same vigor and the same energy, the possibility of winning the cup is more than likely. Although the cup does have some very intimidating teams in it. With Spain and France having quite impressive records in the history of the championships up to this point, the Norwegian team will be facing more than a challenge over games that it is going to be playing.

Although Norway has its fair share of victories in the Women’s Cup and other championships over the years. The team has managed to achieve victory in 1987 and 1995, as well as winning Olympic gold in 2000. Even the biggest rival of the Norwegian team is going to be having trouble facing them in 2019, and the fans of both sides are looking forward to the Norway-Germany game more than ever before.

Specifics are yet to be determined for the team’s strategy, or at least the team is not announcing anything. Despite the fact that Ada will not be there, the expectations for the team are high and as Ada fights for equality in Women’s football, the team will fight for the title just as hard. Something to look forward to in 2019.