Via SI:

 We turned our attention to Lamar Advertising, a 117-year old company with over 300,000 displays across the US. Investigative editor Gary Gramling.

The MMQB called Lamar, demanding answers. They politely provided them.

Who did the billboard? Lamar did.

“We wanted to show the power of our medium, the digital billboard, how it can go up and go viral,” Philadelphia branch general manager Dave Peacock said, providing confession and motive in a single breath. “The beauty of Lamar is right now we’re in 158 markets, and we have a creative team in each one. Down in Philly, we have the best creative team in the area.”

In fact, that group has struck before, honoring “St. Nick” Foles and welcoming Bryce Harper to the city. This time the team went negative, with similar results. 

“The first day, if you Googled ‘Zeke billboard’ you got nothing,” Peacock said. “Two days later, it was everywhere.”

It would have been way funnier if it was actually an Eagles fan. 

Business as usual. 

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