Ergatta and Hydrow are the hottest rowing machines in the market. They feature an HD touchscreen display for workout streaming. Both machines are awesome, with Ergatta being the old-school type which features a cherry wood frame and a dual-track system. It also features an elevated seat that slides smoothly on its four wheels. features a water tank that makes sitting on it feel like you are in a real boat to give a memorable rowing experience.

On the other hand, Hydrow Features a touch screen designed for anyone who wants to learn and enjoy rowing at home. It is chick and modern and ideal for newbies learning the basics of rowing. It allows you to sit and lean forward as you work out.

Both Ergatta and Hydrow are the two rowing machines designed for home gyms. They are all awesome but differ from each other in terms of specs to enable you to select the best machine for your home gym.

But the two machines are designed for home gyms. Continue reading to see the pros and cons of investing in Ergatta vs hydrows to allow you to select the best for your home gym.



  •         It is a quiet machine that produces a negligible whirring sound at each stroke.
  •         Comes with a 22’’ touchscreen
  •         Feature a manual with training instructions explaining how to row the machine.
  •         Feature professionals that will lead you through classes and training of varying lengths
  •         It is suitable for anyone that wants to learn rowing but does not have the experience required.
  •         It is sleek and features a nautical shape.



  •         It is pricy at $2200
  •         The user needs to pay a monthly subscription of $38/month
  •         You can do very little on the machine once the subscription lapses.
  •         It does not fold and weighs 145 pounds
  •         It is difficult to move around the gym room. 

Generally, Hydrow utilizes water resistance to give you a smooth rowing experience. Therefore, it is ideal for people who want quiet but should be ready to pay a subscription. Also, it is ideal for anyone that loves something simple and lightweight. It is a larger rower that weighs up to 500lbs and is suitable for people who prefer games compared to instructor-led videos.



  •         It is easy to move since it is lightweight
  •         Comes with competitive and interactive games
  •         It is natural and looks like furniture.
  •         Feature a crisp touchscreen with an easy game interface
  •         It is quieter than magnetic rows, and you can use it at home without worrying about disturbing your neighbors.


  •         The row instructions are minimal
  •         There is no instructor or video-led content since its content is exclusive for games and digital workouts.

Here is how the two compare

Both Ergatta and Hydro are sturdy and well built. However, hydro weighs 145pounds while Ergatta weighs105 pounds when full of water and 76 pounds when empty. Also, you can store hydrow vertically, but you will encounter challenges when lifting it. Hydro features shallow seats are shallower while the pedals are closer compared to those of hydrows.

Both machines have handles that look alike and are 18’’ wide. However, the Hydrow handles are spongy and comfortable to handle. On the contrary, Ergatta has an ergonomic shape and has a nylon strap connecting its handle and the unit’s internal rowing mechanism. 

The two machines differ when it comes to resistance. Hydrow makes use of electromagnetic resistance, while Ergatta utilizes water resistance. It is why Ergatta is quiet and produces minimal noise output of 72dB, which is slightly above the expected office settings. It produces a soothing and good sound.

Both Ergatta and Hydrow use a nylon strap to connect the handle to the internal rowing mechanism. But the Ergatta strap is slightly thinner and narrower than the Hydrow .

Ergatta has consistent resistance thanks to the fact that the weight of water is constant, and there is absolutely no lag. The water will continuously move through the tank creating uniform resistance throughout. But you can increase the resistance by adding more water.

On the contrary, Hydrow uses magnetic to create resistance in the rower. This makes Hydro quieter. Also, you can adjust the magnetic resistance to help the user know how much resistance it can pull against the stroke.

Final Thought

Although the two machines are ideal for your home gym, the Hydrow is ideal for newbies since it comes with an instructor-led workout. It also produces a soothing sound that makes you enjoy the soothing sound.  Visit for more details.