If you think about it, you’ll quickly realise that we live in a crazy world where nothing can come as a surprise any more. With millions of people actively smoking cigarettes or using vape pens, you’ll realise that many athletes use them as well.

Hundreds, if not thousands of professional athletes from all over the world are either smoking, chewing tobacco or using vaporizers. Vape pens are by far the healthiest of all and vaping offers the biggest variety of options when it comes to what’s inside the vape pen.

For a long time, it was believed that nicotine helps athletes improve their performance. After thorough research, it’s proven that a small dose of nicotine can slightly improve physical performance. Other than improving performance, nicotine was used by athletes for many other reasons.

We all know the risks that come with smoking cigarettes. They include cancer, coronary heart disease, heart attack, stroke, vascular disease, cerebrovascular disease, bronchitis, pneumonia, asthma, and even impotence. That’s why using vape pens is much more popular with athletes, and the general population altogether. And when it comes to quality of their vape products, that’s why many turn to the Dollar E-Juice Club as their trusted source.

Vaping Is A Much Healthier Habit Than Smoking

Smoking isn’t as popular as it was some time ago, but there’s still a significant number of smokers around the world. Many athletes have had this habit and after switching to vaporisers, a significant amount of them felt that they could perform better. 

Unfortunately, it’s not that easy to quit smoking even with the usage of vape pens so many athletes only reduced the number of cigarettes they smoked during the day thanks to vape pens. Just by reducing the number of cigarettes, many of them felt better and saw a significant improvement in both physical and mental performance.

Vape sticks like Puffco Peak are generally used to either reduce smoking or quit altogether. They’re a great alternative because you can choose the dosage of nicotine you’ll be vaping by choosing the right vape oil. 

After vape sticks were introduced, vape oils evolved from just nicotine-based oils to nicotine-free oils and even CBD vape oils. People who use nicotine-free vape oils are usually the ones who are struggling with the habit of having something in their hand instead of a cigarette. Those who managed to get adjusted to nicotine-free oils have quit smoking completely because nicotine-free vape oils don’t cause addiction whatsoever.

Vaping Has A Lot Of Benefits

CBD oils are massively used amongst the vaping community and athletes as well. The fact that many athletes use it means that it is perfectly legal to use. Nicotine isn’t on the World Anti Doping Agency prohibited list, and neither is CBD even though its made from cannabis plants. Many athletes use CBD vape oils because they reduce anxiety and speed up the recovery process and inflammation. 

Even though CBD vape oil from vape shops is made from cannabis plants, it has a high level of CBD and a very low level of THC so users can experience all the benefits from CBD without getting high. Since October 2017, cannabidiol has been removed from the WADA prohibited list and athletes could use CBD as much as they want. This doesn’t mean that anyone should use CBD oils irresponsibly. Like everything else, the best effect is made by using it in moderation. 

CBD vape oils can help with many more things, such as insomnia, anxiety and even psychological problems. Researchers have a lot more to learn before you know all the benefits of this oil and other cannabinoids. It’s also unclear if there are any negative side-effects on using CBD oils. All we know is that people who use CBD oils live happier and healthier lives!