When the COVID-19 pandemic hit the United States, people were buying up exercise and extreme sports gear like it was going out of style. People remarked about the sales of dumbbell weights and treadmills on Amazon and other online storefronts. Mountain bikes saw staggering sales in 2020, topping over 44 million sold.

With so many people at home, social activities at an all-time-low, and the outdoors being one of the safest ways to spend the pandemic, it is no surprise that people are snatching up bikes and heading to the mountains. Not only is mountain biking good for you, it is one of the best ways to physically distance because it is naturally how you ride. It’s no wonder there are so many reasons to start mountain biking during the pandemic.

Sun & COVID-19

The UV rays that are emitted by the Sun kill the COVID-19 virus almost instantly. When you are spending time in the sun, the virus is killed and you get vitamin D into your body through your skin. Vitamin D deficiency has become associated with severity of patients admitted to hospitals with COVID-19. Furthermore, getting some Sun can do wonders for your mental health. As everyone was forced inside, mental health issues like depression and anxiety went up. Getting some sun is a perfect way to tackle all of this.

The Outdoors & Health

In addition to UV rays killing the virus and vitamin D being very important to combat it, the Sun is a natural way to fight off depression. Spending time outdoors is good for your body. COVID-19 impacts those who struggle with obesity significantly. Viruses feed off sugars and overweight people have more sugar in their blood for the virus to utilize, making fat people vulnerable to the virus. Overall health is such a huge concern when it comes to COVID-19, and riding a bike on rough terrain is very good exercise.

Isolation & Well-being

Since the pandemic has isolated people indoors, going outside is a great alternative. You can head to the outdoors with friends or alone, but mountain biking is the perfect activity to do with a partner. Isolation can be both good and bad. When you are isolated inside, your mind will go to its darkest and most stressed places, but if you are alone in nature you may not feel that disconnect. Mountain biking is a perfect way to get connected with nature while exercising and staying safe.

Mountain Biking is the Perfect Pandemic Activity

All of these things in tandem make mountain biking the perfect pandemic activity. You don’t have to do it alone. When you’re on a bike you are naturally distanced from people you are with. Furthermore, gear like 100Percent goggles will not just protect you from the elements, it acts as a mask to keep your particles in and others out. You won’t be that close to anyone anyways because you will be on your bikes and riding the terrain, but the protection that goggles provide also gives you peace of mind.

The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted lives around the world in different ways. It has forced us to focus on mental and physical health. Physical well-being helps you avoid complications should you contract the virus and emotional well-being has been affected by the isolation and change to our lives. That’s why it is all the more vital to treat your body and mind well.

While some have toiled during the pandemic, others have thrived. They have decided to better themselves by getting outside, taking in the sun, spending time in nature, and exercising while they’re at it. More people have become interested in mountain biking during the pandemic because it is the ultimate activity. If you want to work out, get outside, and stay both physically and mentally healthy, mountain biking is a great option. The pandemic is not ending anytime soon and we will all have to do everything we can to stay well. Is mountain biking your version of wellness? Maybe it’s time to find out.