The summer season has finally started and that a fun-filled activity is set the devour every event and sports held inside and outside America. People are looking forward to many sporting events so they can take their vacation and spend the most out of it. There are inevitably a series of action-packed activities, especially in sports betting, that every spectator should look forward. 

In line with that, one of the most anticipated sporting events that every bettor is looking forward is horse racing tournaments. Horse racing has never gone out of style from the day it started. Many people are continuing to love this sport because of the diversity of the betting games they can ultimately dive. 

Speaking of horse racing events, one of the most anticipated horse racing tournaments right now in the 2019 Breeder’s Cup. This is a two-day event where a series of sprints, turf racing, and other challenges will take place. The 2019 Breeder’s Cup will be held in Santa Anita on November 1st and 2nd. According to some horse racing experts, this year’s edition of Breeder’s Cup will be exciting since a lot of Triple Crown hopefuls will be visible in the said event. 

Since the Breeder’s Cup is considered as one of the most prestigious and grandest horse racing events in the country, the selection process and the road to becoming one of the Breeder’s Cup contenders is not an easy task. Different criteria and qualifications need to be considered and done explicitly by a panel of horse racing experts. These experts are looking into the racing forms of each colt to make sure that they tallied the best racing victories they took. 

While it is true that the road to the Breeder’s Cup is steep and breeders cup betting might be affected, there is an alternative way of skipping these rules. If a colt is interested and qualified, they might consider in running different sprints and challenges that Breeder’s Cup organization has prepared. 

Technically, these challenges and sprints are done in the pre-season of Breeder’s Cup and whoever wins will earn an automatic spot to run for the Breeder’s Cup this November. If you would like to know what are these, here are some to name them. 

John A. Nerud Stakes

This Stakes challenge has a former name of Belmont Sprint Championship Stakes. This was firstly taken in 2014 which was formerly also known as James Marvin Stakes, and the event was held in Saratoga racecourse.  The John Nerud Stakes is the first Breeder’s Cup “Win, You’re In” challenge which took place first in 2017. That said, the Belmont Sprint Championship Stakes was changed to John Nerud Stakes to honor him because he was one of the most influential people in thoroughbred racing. He was also considered as a Hall of Fame awardee. 

Throughout the years that John A. Nerud Stakes became part of the Breeder’s Cup qualifying challenge, the event becomes famous because it is held in Belmont Park. Most colts attending this event are those who also won in different invitational and sprints who are looking forward to having their debut in Breeder’s Cup.

Belmont Oaks Invitational Stakes 

This prep-Breeder’s Cup qualifying challenge is the same with Belmont Derby. The said qualifying race is a competition for three-year-old mares and fillies who are looking forward to having their auto-position in the Breeder’s Cup. In 1998-2013, the Belmont Oaks Invitational Stakes was formerly known as Garden City; Because of the fact that strongest fillies always won this race in the country, it is now part of the qualifier for the Breeder’s Cup racing tournament. 

Besides, in recent years that Breeder’s Cup has existed, many fillies have made big names in the said racing field. Most of them have shown outstanding performances, and it made the Breeder’s Cup association appreciate what this qualifying challenge racing game can produce to all filly and mare hopefuls. A lot of big bettors even attends this challenge. That’s why this is considered to be a qualifying round for the Breeder’s Cup since all fillies and mares joining the said event can show off their best racing skills and talents. 

Suburban Stakes 

This one is the oldest Breeder’s Cup qualifying and racing challenge game. This racing had started in 1884 where it has produced a lot of Breeder’s Cup winner. Besides, most Breeder’s Cup winner that was generated by this racing event has showcased great performances in some of the world’s most prestigious horse racing tournaments. 

In fact, Mucho Macho Man was one of the Suburban Stakes winners who made a big name in Breeder’s Classic. This event is one of those Breeder’s Cup qualifyings rounds that every colt is looking forward to making their debut in any Breeder’s Cup showdown.