Despite the attempts of Robert Kraft’s attorneys to keep the surveillance video of him engaged in sex acts at a day spa from being released, the tape has been taken and is being shopped around.

According to The Blast, someone contacted them trying to sell the tape, and the portion of the tape they were shown confirms it is legit.

In the video, the 77-year-old is already undressed and laying on the massage table with his hands placed behind his head. The camera angle is an overhead shot, and it’s believed the camera was placed in the ceiling.

The video sample we were shown was only a portion of the videos collected by authorities, but it was enough to verify it’s legit.

The Palm Beach County State Attorney’s Office announced Wednesday they intend to make the surveillance videos of Kraft, and all other suspects, available to the public.

It looks like one way or another, we’re all going to get to see an old man do what old men do at day spas.  What a time to be alive.

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