Kickboxing is a combat sport that combines boxing and karate, increasing strength, stamina, and coordination. However, this is a dangerous sport that should be handled carefully. The chance of getting hurt increases if safety is not taken seriously. If you’re a beginner who would like to learn about kickboxing safety equipment, this guide will help you understand the basic things you should invest in before starting your kickboxing journey.


Getting hit on the head can knock you out in an instant or cause permanent damage to your brain. For that reason, it is absolutely crucial to protect your head while kickboxing. A headgear prevents any serious damage to the skull and the face during sparring. The heavily padded insides of a headgear reduce the impact of the punches on your face, nose, and cheekbones. Kickboxers in amateur tournaments are sanctioned to wear protective headgear. It may or may not be mandatory to wear headgear for professional fights, but in any case, it is highly recommended. Heavy blows to the head can be fatal, so always wear your headgear before entering the ring.

Mouth Guard 

While headgears are more than capable of absorbing hits to the head, you’ll need a mouth guard to protect your jaw and teeth during kickboxing. Made out of plastic, a mouth guard fits easily into the boxer’s mouth and reduces the impact of blows on the face. Standard mouthguards are available in most sports retailers. However, they can feel too bulky for some boxers, so you might want to buy a moldable mouth guard, which when immersed in hot water and placed in the mouth, takes the shape of the teeth to fit more comfortably. Professional fighters usually get a customized mouthguard made by a dentist. 


To reduce the impact on your hand and wrist while delivering a blow, hand gloves are very important. A standard pair of boxing gloves may not be enough to get you through a long session of kickboxing, though. Experts believe that the thicker your kickboxing gloves are, the better protection they’ll provide. One thing to keep in mind while shopping for kickboxing gloves is that apart from giving protection, the gloves should be comfortable to wear. Check out the gloves’ padding before picking up a pair to ensure that they will be comfortable and convenient during your matches. 

Jockstrap and Cup

A jockstrap is a safety guard for men to protect their groin from severe injuries. Although kicking or punching your opponent in the groin is strictly prohibited, one should always take the necessary precautions. The athletic supporter must be well-fitted and should feel comfortable while kicking or moving. Usually worn with a cup, a jockstrap covers and protects the genitals during rigorous combat sports. An athletic supporter is generally worn by men, while women can use a pelvic protector to protect their groin from bruising. 

Shin Guards

Shin guards, also known as shin pads, are used to protect the sensitive bones of the shin, ankle, and feet. They come in various types and sizes depending on the style of kickboxing you partake in. Some shin pads are heavily padded while others are thin. However, the prime objective of a shin guard is to prevent any damage to the front of the ankle and the top of the foot. Ensure that the pads you buy are comfortable and allow you to move freely to avoid injury.


Since no shoes are worn in kickboxing, hurting your foot is quite probable. Foot guards are not usually allowed in professional fights, but beginners can use them in the early stages of their training. Some styles of kickboxing permit taping of the foot and ankle to prevent injury. Foot guards come in open- and full-sole designs. While choosing a foot guard, make sure they fit tightly and are comfortable to kick with. 


Each piece of equipment listed above has a specific purpose and a body part to protect, ensuring your safety from head to toe. Combat sports like kickboxing are physically strenuous and can cause serious injury if you are not careful. That is why you must take all the necessary precautions in order to avoid getting injured. When shopping for kickboxing equipment, consult the store clerk and test the equipment if permitted. Only buy protective gear if they feel comfortable on your body because the gear that is too heavy, bulky, or uncomfortable can cause you to lose focus during combat, which may result in serious injury. You can never be too careful when it comes to a high-intensity sport like kickboxing.