The huge community of gamer of The Sims 4 APK was graced with exciting changes and news for one of the most popular games in the series so far. Launched in 2014, this is the most profound aesthetic change in the series, as the game cover is now being revamped, as well as the characters that are displayed on the home screen, as well as a new aesthetic to quickly identify packs.

So let’s start unraveling each one below.

The new Plumbob

You might not even know that The Sims’ iconic green diamond had a proper name – or just called it a green diamond – but yes, it does. Plumbob has been revamped to keep up with the aesthetic changes of The Sims 4.

According to the SimsCommunity official publication, the new Plumbob has a sleeker look, with more saturated colors and brighter. This new aesthetic model will be geared only to the game interface.

New cover, new art, new main characters

The Sims 4’s aesthetic change is truly profound, as the game completes in 2019 its fifth year, so the company thought it would be good to renew the look of the title for years to come. And they were right. Although TS4 was released a long time ago, the game remains extremely unique and has a timeless cartoonish look that does not make it lose identity or age quickly.

In addition to the characters, we can see that the style of the cover itself no longer has its white background appearance but now has a background of blue tones and different patterns, emphasizing the whole set.

We also see the outfits and hairstyles of the base game, which will feature some new looks added to the base game, as expansions with more diverse news could not be displayed in the promotional material of the common game.

And speaking of expansions, the visual upgrade also introduces a new aesthetic shape for each of the three kinds of packs for The Sims 4 Android, now much easier to identify than ever before thanks to their specific colors. The Expansion Pack will now have a blue-green or cyan tint, while the Game Pack has a bluish tint and the Object Collections now have a green tint.

New Start Menu

The Sims 4 starter menu has also been refurbished. Now we see a larger area devoted to expansion packs, object collections and game packs, as well as displaying the free objects and extras received by players, all in the second half of the screen. At the top, blank, we have the possibility to check out presentation videos about the purchased or released packages, in addition to the new cover and then the play button.

New loading screen

Pressing the play button then brings up the new loading screen. Extremely simple, it features the new Plumbob with higher contrast and flatter design than before, plus a completely blue background with no great appeal, possibly to reduce the wait time on this screen.

The new “Story Mode” to create a Sim

So far, in all previous editions of The Sims, players were presented directly to an interface where you yourself chose your character’s traits, desires and aspirations. But now there is a second possibility! Story Mode comes with a quiz with some questions about the experience, choices and possibilities you would decide in certain situations, first choosing your age from three options; “young adult”, “adult” or “older”, then presenting other questions of up to three choices.

More than 1,000 objects available

The new update also allows you to create new spaces with decoration objects seen in areas of the game regions. Once focused exclusively on the map itself, it is now possible to use all the objects seen in the game to decorate your home or work place. But the news is for decoration only: Sims will not be able to interact with objects placed in the world. This will bring the upgrade to over 1,000 objects so players can further expand their gameplay experience and expand building possibilities.

Now…are you ready to play?