Thailand is quickly becoming one of the leaders in high end jewelry. Some of these lovely new brands out of Thailand are taking the world by storm with their high quality, elegance and style.

Let’s take a look at some of these great accessories from the south east Asian country.


Pailind is a new Thai designer brand that sports a modern Western style. The brand is known to mix elegance with sport and grungy undertones. Their jewelry is usually made with 92% grade silver or gold. Pailind also uses some of the finest and highest quality gems and crystals. Most of their jewelry has a versatile look that can be worn with formal and informal wear. This makes Pailind jewelry perfect for any occasion. It brings women sport accessories in Thailand to the rest of the world.

Ake Ake

Ake Ake is a prominent jewelry brand that is family owned and was originally founded by silversmiths with a keen eye for english medieval accessories. That theme has stuck with the company and has brought a new fresh style to elegance for women. The tough and bold looking jewelry brings a strong statement to the women who wear them.

Their silver accessories are often studded with crystals but also look perfect without any. Our favorites are the crown figure rings and bracelets. You can click here to find an amazing variety of bracelets.


Another Thai jeweller with a strong statement and bold look is Archetype. The jewelry brings a whole new dimension to accessories with its modern medieval style that brings strong modern gothic undertones. The brand mixes sharp geometric shapes that have a refreshing look. They often add the highest class gems to their silver and gold items.

The brand is most famous for their rings, cufflinks, brooches and earrings. In many cases items can be ordered in a few different silver and gold colors that bring an even more unique look.

Carletta Jewellery

Founded by famous Thai designer Surasak Maneesathianrattana, the brand has exploded with popularity. The brand is known to use strong and rare gems in a bold way. Leaving little room for silver or gold, These gems are eye-popping and also bring a rather medieval theme to the table. The female focused brand wishes to bring a strong confident women statement with their wonderful necklaces, ear rings and bracelets. Most of the inspiration of their themes come from odd places and stories, such as Adam and Eve, volcanoes and folklore.

Tamas Jewelry

Probably one of the highest and well reputed brands out of Thailand, Tamas started out as an export business that later saw it creating its own jewelry out of the gems it mined. Today, this brand is well known world wide, especially in larger east Asian cities such as Hong Kong and Singapore.

The brand sports a wide range of stones such as sapphires, rubies, emeralds and even diamonds. Their range mainly includes necklaces, bracelets and rings for the modern elegant woman who wishes to turn heads.