News broke earlier on Thursday that Detroit Tigers announcers Rod Allen and Mario Impemba were involved in a fight after Tuesday’s game.  Details have slowly come out, it appears the fight started over a chair and ended with one of the announcers choking the other 

The duo has been calling games together for 16 years.  We’re going to guess the chair was just the cherry on top.

Via Click On Detroit:

Sources told Local 4 that Impemba left the broadcast booth at some point and Allen followed, assaulting Impemba from behind and choking him.

The altercation was because of a disagreement over a chair in the booth, sources told Local 4.

Viewers might not have noticed anything unusual during the game, but listening back to the broadcast, there are several long silences later in the game, including a 43-second stretch without talking in the bottom of the sixth inning.

It’s hard to stay interested in the actual game when the team you work for is almost 30 games under .500.  We don’t blame these guys.  That’s a lot of bad baseball to sit through without wanting to choke your co-worker because of a chair.