Horse racing is a very competitive field because it has several profitable horse racing tipsters. Most people think that it is easier to make money from horse racing than it is from football. If you are looking for horse racing tips, you should pick advice from professionals. Horse racing experts give information that you can count on to perform. Professional tipsters will always help you in completing your research, learning how to bet, or getting accurate tips daily. There are several professionals out there, both good and bad. As such, this article will focus on the top three professional horse racing betting tips.


  • BET Alchemist. BET Alchemist tops the list of the best professional horse racing tipsters. Founded by Nicky Doyle, Bet Alchemist is the best tip server in terms of sheer bang for the buck. The tipster offers quality tips, and the reasoning behind each piece of advice is clear and leads to profitable results. Since its launch in 2011, Bet Alchemist has had more than 897.15 profit points. These points translate into a total of £44,857.50 with only £25 stakes each. Additionally, their 66% strike rate is also impressive and ensures consistency. This kind of strike rate makes horse betting a reliable source of income. Bet Alchemist also has the lowest price of £39 per month. If you go for the semi-annual plan, the price lowers to £25 per month. This kind of pricing makes Bet Alchemist the best option.



  • Steve Lewis Hamilton. Steve Lewis Hamilton is highly respected in the horse racing community since it is an excellent source of horse racing tips. Steve is a veteran of horse racing with several years of experience and he remains talented up to date. After years of experience. Steve decided to share his secrets by providing quality horse racing picks. Steve dominates UK horse races, and he is always transparent. However, his services do not come cheap. Steve charges £395 per 3 months. Nevertheless, it is an excellent option if you have the money. The best thing is that you can directly contact Steve for guidance.



  • Horse Player Haven. Horse Player Haven was founded by Mike Lane, an American horse racing veteran. His picks and systems are tested, and he guarantees the best results. If you are an American fan, you can rely on Mike Lane’s tips since he focuses on all-American races. Mike always has tips for all American games. Mike’s trademark is also available to the public, and you can get it any time you want. Mike also allows his fans to contact him for guidance directly. His system is available for £47 for some time, but it usually ranges at £269. Horse Player Haven offers its racing tips at £29 per month, which is very competitive.


Accurate, reliable, well-researched, and professional horse racing tips require an expert source. If you want a high degree of integrity, safety, and more significant profits, consider using these three tipsters. Always go for tipsters who offer less risk when betting.