A few of us are born with a silver spoon and a guaranteed future. The rest, who are the majority, have to work every day to earn even a basic living and secure their future and that of their family. Not unless you obtain a very lucrative job, or you end up being successful in sports, music or you land an acting career and become a celebrity of some sorts, where you get very large checks, you do not have a choice but to push yourself to the limit and deny yourself some things for you to secure your future. It does not mean though, that you have to live a stressful life and not enjoy yourself. It means that you must forego some things that are not necessary. To help you improve your life, here are the top 3 things to consider leaving behind for a better future. 

1.  Alcohol

There are other unnecessary wants that you can identify to avoid, but quitting drinking should be a top priority. Alcohol is a major setback for many people all over the world. Apart from straining your finances, alcohol can also lead to serious health issues that can limit your ability to work and earn a decent living to pull you, and your family down financially. A five-dollar bottle of beer might not seem as much when you buy once, but you will be shocked at how much you will have spent if you add that up for a whole year. If on average you consume five dollars per day, which can be more, you will have spent about $1,825 in a year. In ten years’, time, that will add up to $18, 250. Just imagine what you would with such an amount, considering that you just swallowed it up in less than five minutes. Remember, that is just five dollars. You probably spend even more. If you add that to the cost of healthcare due to ailments brought about by alcohol, together with the time wasted while drunk, you will be shocked at how you are messing up with your future. Consider quitting or significantly reducing alcohol intake. If you are finding it difficult to quit, you can learn how to quit drinking by joining an alcohol anonymous group.

2. Toxic relationships

Just as the name suggests, toxic relationships are toxic, and will mess your current and future life. Be a strong person to walk out of such, whether it is your manipulative friends, your spouse or overly dependent relations. It is good to first focus on your growth, before you can direct your efforts to push other people. Helping out a relative or a friend is not bad, but if it those friends or relatives who lack a self-drive and only want you to keep providing while they do nothing, then you will be justified to cut them off and have them do something for themselves. Only then will you be in a position to direct your attention towards self-growth and securing your future. It might not be easy to cut off someone, especially your spouse, but it reaches a point where you either let them go, or forever live a life of misery. Choose yourself as the first option if you ever reach such a point. 

3. Overly expensive rental apartments

Buying a house is not easy for most people with current salaries, and taking a hefty mortgage might not be a good idea. All in all, you have to live in a house anyway, and you will most likely rent. When considering where to rent, avoid the overly expensive apartments, since you will be just wasting your money. If you are unable to find a decent and affordable place you can live in, consider cost-sharing with your friend instead of spending a substantive percentage of your salary paying rent. Remember, this is money that you will never see again. Instead of living alone in an apartment that you pay a whole $1,500, you can split this between four friends and save the rest. Make sure that house rent takes less than 15% of your monthly salary. You will live in a decent house and still get to save a lot. You can accumulate those saving and maybe buy a house in the future. A little sacrifice for a few years can go a long way at ensuring that you live a better and more comfortable life with your family in the future. Take the bold step and start now before it is too late, and you will transform your life for the better.