There are a lot of different ways to play online casino games. Traditionally, one would have to load up a website on their desktop computer or laptop, and then play the games that were available specifically for that site. Online casinos made sure to keep up with the changing times, which meant providing their games to all the new platforms as they became available, such as Android smartphones. 

Android and iPhone drastically altered the way we interact with our favourite forms of entertainment, ushering in an entirely new age of convenience that has yet to be matched. 

1. The Superiority Of Apps

For a long time, the only way to play casino games on a mobile device was to load up the website through the browser. This worked, for the most part, especially as websites evolved, and began to automatically adjust to the size of the screen. But there are some drawbacks to this method, and a player usually doesn’t have access to the full range of features that a game may offer even if they are still able to play. 

Apps, on the other hand, are designed from the ground up to take full advantage of everything that Android has to offer. This can mean better frame rates, better definition, more touchscreen capabilities, and so much more. Apps are the very best way to experience everything that a casino game has to offer, with the added advantage of the sandboxing security features that Android offers. 

2. HD Touchscreens

Touchscreens are the perfect medium to play casino games, doubly so when the screen happens to have a high definition resolution. Most casino games are extremely well suited to a touchscreen, making them easier to interact with while also offering the full range of colours and functionality. 

Slots, for example, are a game that has evolved a number of times over the last century and is perhaps at its best in the modern age when played on a mobile device like an Android smartphone or a tablet. And thanks to the fact that apps can generally make use of the full range of hardware on an Android, it really helps to elevate the experience and make it enjoyable, no matter which game is being played. 

3. Accessibility

Another advantage of playing casino games on Android devices is the utter convenience that they offer. A player can load up their favourite real money casino Android app no matter where they are, making Android the ultimate platform when it comes to mobility and accessibility. 

The great thing about modern Android phones is that not only are they able to connect to the internet at any time, but their large batteries mean that the average phone can typically go for at least a day – sometimes more – meaning that a player can load up all their favourite games without having to head home or plug the device in to play.