Tai Tuivasa, who was born in Sydney, Australia, celebrated his knockout win over Cyril Asker at UFC 221 in Perth, Australia by drinking a beer out of a shoe.

The fight was the second one for Tuivasa and his second win by knockout.  He followed up his flying knee knockout in his debut with an impressive flurry of elbows to turn out Asker’s lights.

Following his UFC 221 win in front of the home crowd, Tuivasa celebrated by drinking a beer out of a shoe. 

As he would later explain it’s an everyday thing in Australia to drink a beer out of a shoe and they call it a “shoey.”

No wonder Tuivasa is having a hard time finding opponents to take him on.  Not only does he knock people out with ease, he drinks beer out of shoes.

Via CS Fights:

“Tai is keen to fight anyone in the division,’’ Ginnen said before this fight. “But since winning his UFC debut, it’s been incredibly difficult finding an opponent for him.

“In recent weeks I’ve approached matchmakers about five different guys – and every one of them said no. At one point, Tai even said ‘look, maybe the Perth card isn’t meant to be’. But we’ve persisted because this is a historic event for Australia and we believe Tai deserves to be part of it.”

When asked if he was surprised that so many rivals were ducking him, the top heavyweight prospect said that he wasn’t but could understand why that was the case.

“No, not really. I guess they’re just trying to be smart, protect their careers. This is a cut-throat industry and nobody wants to lose, especially to someone like me, with only the one fight.”

This dude is a UFC star in the making.  Dana White needs to find this guy some competition ASAP.