Lately, online casino, and gambling have picked up a lot of momentum. Seeing the demand, many online casinos and Online casino Singapore have been popping up across the globe. Wondering how these casinos attract players? Though there are many ways, one of the most popular and effective ways of attracting players have been the bonuses. 

Irrespective of whether a player is a pro or playing for fun, players love bonuses. Therefore, we bring you some tips on how to make the best of casino bonus when gambling online: 

  1. Know it first: The first tip is to know and compare the bonus percentage that each online casino is offering. Most of the casinos match 100% deposit from their side. On the other hand, some offer unlimited bonuses. Therefore, an understanding of what the bonus offers will let you understand how much you have to do as an initial deposit. 
  2. Not all offerings are the same: The second most important aspect that you, as a player, should know is that all games do not offer the same bonus wager requirements. Therefore, to make the best out of the bonus offers, you need to know which game is contributing the maximum, because some games just don’t contribute anything. For example, the popular slot machines may contribute 100% but games like video poker offer very little contribution. Therefore, it is essential that you are informed, so that you can bet wisely and make the best. 
  3. Free spins a good bet: As a player, we are sure that you know that spins are super fun and also a good way to earn money. Free spins, as the name says, are free and also a great way of earning money that can be encashed immediately. However, online casinos may offer free spins themselves or may use some external sites for the same to avoid any wagering requirements. Therefore, to make the best out of it, you must look out for online casinos that offer this possibility. 
  4. Don’t make it the purpose of your game: As you know bonuses are a great way of winning. However, do remember some of the sites have wagering requirements. As a player, it is undoubtedly frustrating and annoying if you are unable to withdraw your winnings or have to go through a long process to do the same. However, this is not the case with all online casinos. This is a case if your gambling on some unreliable website. Therefore, always remember that aiming for a bonus is just an add-on. But the actual target to win is through your actual game. 
  5. Don’t exploit: There is no doubt that online casinos love offering bonuses. But having said that, they don’t prefer players who exploit or abuse this feature. Therefore, one tip to make the best of the bonuses offered is to let the site also have a fair chance to get back the bonus. To achieve this win-win situation, online casinos follow some regulations like keeping a cap on the maximum stake. 

With these tips, you can easily make sure that you make the best of the bonus. However, in addition to knowing how to make the best out of the bonus, you also need to know what are the most commonly offered bonuses. So, here is a sneak peek of the same:

  1. The first and the most common type of bonus is the “No Deposit Bonus.” This type is by far used as a great marketing tool because, in this type, you don’t have to deposit any money to receive. In other words, in this bonus, all you need to do is sign up with the site with a real player account, and immediately the bonus amount will be credited to you. However, different online casinos have different terms and conditions in offering this bonus like some may define the maximum amount you can withdraw. So, reading the terms and conditions is a must. This bonus is also called a welcome bonus, which is purely for the first time/new players, wherein some amount as free credit is deposited as soon as a player signs up. 
  2. If you thought offering the bonus is always to attract new players then you need to know about the “Sticky Bonus.” This is the bonus wherein players are not allowed to withdraw the bonus amount as and when wanted. They can withdraw the amount after crossing a certain playthrough milestone. This is to retain and make the player play more. The online casinos that offer Sticky bonuses are very generous with the bonus amounts as they have laid a cap. 
  3. Do you know the power of referrals? Yes, that’s the funda on which the next bonus type is created. Called a “Referral bonus,” this bonus is the perfect example of hitting two birds in one shot. In a Referral bonus, if you are a new player, you get a bonus. In addition, if you refer to someone, not only does that reference get a new player bonus, but you also get a bonus amount. Isn’t it an interesting bonus model?
  4. Loyalty pays off wherever it is. The same works for online gambling. Some online casinos offer “Loyalty Bonus,” to celebrate, retain and encourage their existing players. These bonuses are normally small amounts and are offered more frequently in the form of extra credit or free rounds. 

In addition to the above-mentioned commonly offered bonuses, there are many more types of bonuses that online casinos offer which are exclusive to that site. Therefore, before you sign up for an online casino, you should run through what they are offering. However, if you are someone who is seeking a hassle-free process, you can check out online casino reviewing websites like onlinecasinoswiki that have complete information about online casinos. Right from the information regarding their credibility, payment structure, legal terms, and bonuses offered, and how to redeem them, they have all the information. You can check out all the casinos under one platform and accordingly choose that best suits you.