Here’s an interesting story about NFL free agency. In the NFL, there’s no cash payouts for the parents. There’s not much you can do to get on their side, and they’re not going to be able to tell their kid where to play. 

Their child in this case is already wealthy beyond their wildest dreams. So why even bothering wooing the parents? Well in this case it all panned out. And if you read this story yesterday, you know Cousins is super duper close with his P’s.

This comes via MMQB

The Vikings had left two Cousins jerseys—Vikings purple, number 8, with COUSINS on the back—in the parents’ hotel room, one for dad and one for mom. “That’s the first time I ever got a jersey from a team,” Don Cousins told McCartney.  

All’s well that ends Well. The Vikings got their man, and his parents. In retrospect the jersey giveaway was a smooth move. And now they don’t have to buy a jersey in the team store, we know those are complete ripoffs.