Looks like things are just getting warmed up. If you’ve been following the case of Michael Rapaport versus Barstool, you’re about as entertained as we are. 

Here’s a recap: 

Round 1: 

Round 2: 

Round 3: 

And the latest below has Barstool personality Smitty harassing Rapaport all day, every day.  

Via The Blast.com

In the documents, Rapaport says his former employer “engaged in a prolonged public campaign to defame and disparage Mr. Rapaport. The campaign continued in full force even after the filing of the Complaint with Defendant Adam Smith [Smitty] essentially attacking, defaming and disparaging Mr. Rapaport on what seemed like a daily basis from November 20, 2018 forward, until, presumably, his attorneys advised him to stop.”

He says their argument that the herpes comments were opinion, and somehow had no clear meaning, is nonsense. Rapaport says they repeatedly made statements about him suffering from the STD and says the articles written make it appear as fact no opinion.

“To be clear,” the document states, “Barstool and its employee cannot be allowed to hide behind the notion that Barstool is merely a ‘satirical comedy publication which frequently engages in “trash-talking” and provocative discourse’ to somehow justify its malicious defamatory campaign against Mr. Rapaport.”

Rapaport is demanding his case move forward and the claims against Barstool Sports NOT be dismissed.  

Smitty even took the time out of his harassing schedule to give his side of the story. 

First with an emoji. 

Via Barstool

Um…Mikey. Harassment on what seemed like a daily basis until, presumably, our lawyers asked me to stop? Those are strong accusations thrown around in an actual court of law. Now, I’m no self-proclaimed “King Of Trash Talk”. All I, and my esteemed colleague Clickbait Smits, do is present reality as it was, is, and forever shall be. And that’s exactly what we’ve done. Since the lawsuit was filed, we decided to make things easy for the courts and re-posted the EXACT blogs Michael Rapaport cited in the lawsuit – VERBATIM. You can read one here:. And here again. And here again. And here again. And HERE AGAIN

 After those blogs were republished for the courts, and everyone, to easily access, we decided to learn more about the well known actor/celebrity/comedian who is indeed a public figure. For awhile, we simply released a certified fact about Michael Rapaport. No hyperbole, no conjecture, no defamation. Just stone cold facts about the life and times of Michael Rapapor

I for one do not want to see this case dismissed. There needs to be cameras in the courtroom, or better yet, take this case to Judge Judy. 

She’ll sort this mess out. 


A Stooly emailed us saying how we forgot to mention how Rapaport owes Smitty a considerable amount of money. 

That helps explain it. 

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