Kevin Durant better listen up. The Warriors new facility is pulling out all the stops. 

One of the perks is something that will help rejuvenate the players.  

“Looking forward to Chase Center. I think that’s gonna be incredible,” the 2015 NBA Finals MVP said Wednesday on KNBR 680. “A new practice space. They did a really good job of putting the training room together. Said Iguodala. 

“They got sleep pods down there. I got a long commute, but we got sleep pods. I’m gonna use that a whole lot this year.”

Sleep pods! That is amazing.

Providing a space for the players to take a nap so they don’t have to go back-and-forth from their home to Chase should be very beneficial.

If I’m deciding between a few different teams,  the sleep pods thing should help tip the scale. 

The Warriors dynasty might be over, but now they can rest in their pods and try to build another one.  

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