Sister Jean’s run in the NCAA Tournament might have come to an end, but her 15 minutes of fame are not up just yet.  That’s because the lowly Washington Generals are hoping to add her as their team chaplain.

The Generals clearly want some of Sister Jean’s good luck to rub off on them and help them end the worst losing streak in all of sports. 

Via the Washington Generals:

“The Generals are nobodies’ pushovers anymore,” said Worthen, a former standout at Marquette University who also played in the NBA. “We may have a little drought when it comes to beating the Globetrotters, but Loyola did, too—and look what they did this season after making their first tournament appearance since 1985.

“We’re hoping Sister Jean can bring some divine luck our way now that she’s done at the Final Four in San Antonio.”

It’s a match made in heaven and a great way to ride the Sister Jean wave as far as it can be.  Is there another 98 year old who has had a better run?  We think not.