The 24 year old man who spent five days in jail and lost his job after he went streaking at the Waste Management Phoenix Open over the weekend says it was worth it.  His name is Adam Stalmach and he spoke to an Arizona news station about his naked run on the golf course.

Via AZ Family:

He told Arizona’s Family, “it was worth it” because he made people laugh.

Stalmach was arrested after the incident on Wednesday, Jan. 31. He spent five days in jail and now faces $1,500 in fines. He was released early Monday morning.

“It sucked. Jail is not fun. It’s not a good idea,” Stalmach described.

“Me and my buddy were talking about somebody streaking throughout the day and we figured, if you want something done right, do it yourself,” said Stalmach. “As long as somebody laughed and got a kick out of it, that’s why I did it.”

Stalmach explained that he drank at least eight drinks in an hour, a combination of beer and wine. That was before he stripped down to his now grass-stained socks, and ran across the golf course, putting himself on full display in front of thousands of people.

“The alcohol helped. I definitely wouldn’t have done it if I was sober,” he said.

Who says you can’t live your dream?  It wasn’t this guy.