Ranging from ecotourism to fishing, diving, and whitewater, kayaking activities has continued to shape how people unwind and enjoy themselves with the feel of nature, getting exposed to other people’s culture, catching fun, meeting people and lots more.It’s awesome how you can choose to go kayaking alone or be a bit more social and go with a friend or family member. Additionally, there are many tours available, like Sunshine Coast adventures, that can give you a guided tour of a location to experience it in a different way.

Kayaking has come to offer fillip to fuel the desire of travelers who find it difficult to access some of the most amazingly beautiful panoramas that cannot be accessed via road but water. So, it is a form of new experience for someone who is trying to take his or her voyage to another level.

This article will explore some best places to enjoy your kayaking trips in the world according to water sports magazine Dailystoke. Amazing right?

  1. Fiji: One of the best places to be in the world and enjoy kayaking is Fiji; an island country in Melanesia, part of Oceania in the South Pacific Ocean. For tourists, Fiji is a place of being wowed as it houses over 300 beautifully islands with an expanse of the clear and calm water which offers smooth paddling for kayakers. Fiji’s marine life is unique to fishing of all kinds which you can easily catch with your own hands then, diving; scuba diving, jet skiing, snorkeling, playing the castaway on remote desert islands and kayaking while holiday with the family is not a bad idea because of the opportunity for a sandy white beach for kids to play and enjoy themselves building sand castles. Also, there are also big kayaks available that can easily hold big guys too.  At Fiji, accommodation is not a problem and the people of the Islands are warm towards tourists. 
  2. Amazon: Kayaking and exploring nature here is really exciting and made for the brave. Amazon, as nature will have it, is the second largest river in the world. The river is constituted with a great number of life-threatening wildlife like piranha fish, anacondas, and crocodiles but the beauty is to catch a glimpse of some of these things in their uniqueness while meandering carefully through the river. Of course, you can find the best fishing kayaks if you click here. Amazon is safer when you kayak in the company of tours guide or Kayak agencies and professionals to help you paddle through the rather frightening sections of The Mighty Amazon safely. 
  3. Alaska: Alaska is a popular name when it comes to kayaking and the report about the river is very evident that we know everything is big for real. The mountains and glaciers, the forests and fiords are part of humbling things to witness in a sea kayak in Alaska. In its own different way, the Glacier Bay is the best place to paddle among icebergs, witness calving glaciers and explore channels that were inaccessible to travel with the sheep.  And, tourists may be lucky to witness massive chunks of falling ice into the water and also be in absolute awe to see the glaciers tower above them when kayaking through the icy water of Glacier Bay national park.
  4. Vietnam: Vietnam is a cool and different community where you get acquainted with their various cultures and tradition thereby, pulling streams of connection/contact to seamlessly integrate with the citizens around the water. You are exposed to enticing sea caves, tunnels, mangroves, and other extraordinary scenery while conversing with local fishermen about their fishing experience, teach you how to fish in the sea and you may be lucky to get yourself a free supply of evening meal because of your almost immediate socialization with the community.