Blaze up.

Looks like the XFL will be much different than the NFL in terms of drug testing. 


And while the commish says he would “prefer not to test for marijuana,” he concedes he has not thought about how the XFL would handle a player like Josh Gordon, who has been suspended repeatedly by the NFL for using the drug, but without any attendant legal issues.

Though Luck says he has softened McMahon’s original hard-line stance against players with any criminal history—it is now zero tolerance for credible accusations of felonies and domestic violence, with misdemeanors interpreted individually—he said in March he was unsure whether the XFL would welcome Johnny Manziel, who since then played two games for the AAF’s Memphis Express.

This would make marijuana use a non-issue for the XFL.

Sounds to me like the XFL gets it. 

Get with the times. 

The High Times. 

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