Game 3 between the Raptors and Wizards in Washington was a physical one.  The Wizards won the game, but not before a couple of “fights” broke out.

The first one happened early on and set the tone for physical play.  Washington’s Markieff Morris was thrown to the ground by Toronto’s OG Anunoby.  

Markieff got up and let Anunoby know he wasn’t happy with being tossed to the floor and some pushing and shoving took place.

Later on in the game things would get heated again.  Serge Ibka and John Wall got into a heated exchange following a Jonas Valanciunas foul on Marcin Gortat.  Some more hold me back NBA fighting before the Wizards would pick up their first win in the series.

This is playoff basketball at its best.  Bodies hitting the floor, plenty of trash talk and shoving matches.  It’s about as physical as basketball gets these days.