A lot of people, no matter what age, love to play video games. NBA 2K is a very good game for NBA fans to play in their free time. There are many quality things you can do in any video game, and that’s why there are always options to do so.

Some people want to play with good teams, but some may also want to play with bad teams. NBA expert picks usually make predictions for the NBA Finals, but it is so wide open this season. What are some of the things you can do in a regular NBA 2K game?

Play an Exhibition Game

The top thing to do in an NBA 2K game is to play an exhibition game. Sometimes one player will play against the computer, or two people will play against each other. There are different levels when playing this game. It can be from the easiest level to the hardest level. One of the cool things about this is that you can pick any team you want.

There are people that will always pick the same team over and over again. Say they use the Cleveland Cavaliers, for example. Once they click the control that they want to be in Cleveland, they can pick any jersey they want to be in. 

That is one of the cool things about playing a 2K game. There are so many different jerseys to choose from. Some teams will have cool throwback jerseys, and some will not really have any, depending on the history of the franchise.

You can also control the team you want to play against. Say you want to be the Oklahoma City Thunder, go to the other side, and then just go back to the other side and then click play now.

Play On Dynasty

Another fan favorite on video games is playing in the dynasty mode. You can be the coach, or general manager, make trades, sign free agents, and do all sorts of other things at the same time. That is what makes the dynasty experience so cool. You can choose any of the 30 NBA teams you want. 

Say you pick the Philadelphia 76ers and want to play with them. That’s good for you because you have James Harden and Joel Embiid. Doc Rivers is also a very good head coach.

But there is another option you can choose on the game, a fantasy draft. There are a lot of people that love to do that. That means that the entire league goes into a draft, and you can choose whatever you want. It makes it more fun and predictable. One of the most important things in a video game is a salary cap, just like in real life.

Once you turn off the salary cap in the game, you can not turn it back on. That is the way the video game goes. Signing free agents with a cap is hard enough as it is, and there will be those people that just try to stack their basketball teams. 

Creating a Player

One of the best features of video games is creating a player. You can make it any size and any position you want to make it out to be, along with that player joining any team. Creating a player is a cool feature because they can either be really bad or really good. The facial features of creating a player are so funny.

The name people could use, for example, is Joe Shmo, and he can make this person at 5’10” at 195 lbs with elite speed. There aren’t that many people in the NBA that small, but that makes this thing so unique on a video game. They can make a person bald or have blonde hair and also have blue eyes or brown eyes on facial features. One of the teams the guy controlling the person can put him on is the Detroit Pistons.