The entire world is feeling the impact of ongoing Coronavirus outbreaks. Except for essential services, everything else has come to a standstill. This includes various sports tournaments that fans across the globe were waiting for in the summer. 

With a major source of entertainment out of the picture, millions of sports fans that are in self-isolating during the outbreak are left with an unsettling thought – “What should we do today?”. This can be annoying, especially for those who are not working right now. However, there’s a silver lining in this situation – online betting on virtual sports. 

Betting sites come with their fair share of experiences for betting enthusiasts. Those with experience may require little to no thought. For an amateur better, however, the idea of betting on any virtual sport may feel frightening at first. What if your knowledge of virtual sports is too bleak to support your betting decision? What are the best virtual sports for online betting? What if you decide to bet on the wrong game?

To help you ease into online sports betting, we’ve accumulated a list of sports for online betting. We start by looking at the three most popular sports to bet on. 

  • Football 

Being one of the most widely popular and viewed games, football is a great option to start placing bets. There are numerous games in virtual football leagues that you can bet your money on. But you need to keep an eye on how the game is played and gauge the probability of winning bets. 

  • Basketball

Another very popular sport that many sports fanatics follow is basketball. Just like the real-life version, the virtual counterpart requires constant attention and tactics as you place bets. Betting sites provide you with the opportunity to place live bets on a match at any time of the year, so don’t hesitate to give it a shot.

  • Horse Racing 

Many betting sites include horse racing in their list of the best virtual sports to bet on. Unlike other virtual sports, horse racing is a very niche option with a certain learning curve. Are you willing to spend time following races to get hold of this curve? If yes, then this game is right up your alley.

It is essential to realise that the online betting odds will not always be in your favour as there’s no straightforward formula for predicting virtual sports wins. Therefore, it’s essential to be selective with your bets. We hope our guide comes in handy the next time you place bets on your favourite virtual sports.

Also, do not forget. No matter which every part of the world you are in, stay safe indoors and follow all the precautionary measures which are suggested by the local authorities to tackle the Coronavirus pandemic situation. Stay safe and keep playing!