It’s Masters week, which can only mean one thing, Tiger is back and ready to win another Major. But wait, Tiger has some off the course drama already brewing. 

Tiger Woods was dating Kristin Smith back in 2016, he started dating her and Lindsey Vonn. Now it seems she wants to talk Tiger, but Tiger had already made sure she kept quiet. Now this from TMZ: 

Tiger Woods allegedly cut a fat check to his ex-girlfriend, Kristin Smith, to make sure she kept her mouth shut about their nuclear breakup … but she wants out of their deal — and now they’re locked in a nasty legal war. Woods and Smith (who dated from 2015 to 2017) are currently in arbitration — and sources familiar with the situation tell us it’s all over a non-disclosure agreement. 

Smith believes Woods cheated on her in 2017 and that’s what ended their relationship. To save himself from another embarrassing sex-fueled PR nightmare, Woods offered Smith money to sign an NDA, which she did.  Smith is trying to invalidate the NDA claiming it’s not enforceable. Sources say Smith claims Woods has threatened to release embarrassing pictures of her if she doesn’t honor the NDA — and the situation has escalated enough to get lawyers involved.

My guess is she’ll try to cash in with a tell all book, or sell her story to a tabloid. This sounds all too familiar. Let’s hope Tiger can keep his mind off of this and on the Masters. That Green jacket will cure all of Tiger’s problems.