Well that didn’t take very long. Tiger Woods kissed his girlfriend Erica Herman after winning the Open Championship last week, and as we predicted the dirt on her would eventually come out. 

Now we have this report via the Daily Mail

  • Court records reveal Herman owes $240,233.08 to investor Tom Morris after a chain of five nightclubs in Orlando, Florida failed
  • Herman has been ordered to pay Morris $295.60 a week until the debt is paid
  • As operations director of the golfer’s South Florida restaurant The Woods Jupiter, Herman is having her $1,586.54-a-week wages garnished
  • The debt could take up to 67 years to pay off
  • Documents show Herman was evicted from her $1,300-a-month apartment in March 2014 

Look, for a normal person that’s a ton of money, but for the girlfriend of Tiger Woods, this is not a big deal. If things continue, I’m sure Tiger will be able to help her out. 

The last time this was accurately calculated by Forbes in 2016, Tiger’s net worth was thought to be around $740 million.  Forbes reported that he hda earned $43.3m since July. 

Maybe the stories about her being a Gold Digger were accurate? 

Either way, this is the extreme downside of being Tiger’s girlriend. Any skeletons you have will no doubt be dug up. 

Check out more of Erica below: