Golfing legend Phil Mickelson was so confident that he would birdie the first  hole at Shadow Creek Golf Course in Las Vegas, he bet Tiger Woods on it.  

One of their ‘side bets’ 

Then Tiger Woods upped the ante, and doubled that bet. 

The two have finally teed off today in their PPV one on one match for $9 Million dollars. 

Via The Sports Daily

Woods began the match by managing to shoot par on the par-4 hole, and Mickelson was hoping to do at least one stroke better, in order to win the bet. He had a chance for birdie, but needed to sink a putt.Unfortunately for Mickelson, he shanked the putt, and lost the $200,000 bet. Woods took advantage of the opportunity to rub it in a bit, as he poked fun at his opponent afterward.

I’m pretty sure the side bets will even out in the end. Either way none of the losses will really hurt these guys’ pocketbooks. 

Try being broke and betting, that takes guts. 

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