Even though Tiger has a lot of fans at his tournaments, there is the occasional heckler, and it’s not easy to shake those guys once they know they’re in your head. Paying them off is one option. 

Attempting to diffuse the situation politely did not work. said LaCava, Tiger’s caddy. He  told the story as a guest on ESPN Radio’s “Golic and Wingo” show on Wednesday, he tried a different method.

LaCava said the spectator still carried on and did not leave. Eventually LaCava approached security and had him ejected.

“He didn’t have a problem,” LaCava said. “And actually, I got a standing ovation for kicking the guy out of there.”

LaCava, who has been caddying for Woods since 2011, is trying to do whatever it takes to get Tiger back on track. He’s almost there Joe, just a little bit longer.