Chicago White Sox shortstop Tim Anderson announced on Thursday that he will donate money to anti-violence causes with every stolen base this season.  He’s also asking fans to pledge money and entering pledgers who donate $50 or more into a giveaway.

Via Block Club Chicago:

Anderson, the shortstop for the White Sox, announced Thursday he’ll pledge $500 to anti-violence work with every base he swipes this season. Expect that to add up: He’s already stolen 12 bases so far this season (and 63 throughout his four-year career).

He wants fans to help out, too, asking them to donate each time he steals a base. Any pledgers who end up donating $50 or more over the course of the season will be entered in a giveaway to win a game-used, autographed base at the end of the season.

This is a brilliant move.  It will get haters of his bat flips to hate them a little less.  How can you really hate a guy who is donating $500 per stolen base to anti-violence causes?

I’m not saying people won’t hate him, because there will be calls for his head the next time he tosses his bat away like it’s a piece of trash, but the hate will be a little less.

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