One of his few hits on the season.

Tim Tebow’s Triple A experience isn’t going as planned.  Through 14 games with the Syracuse Mets the former NFL QB, who was an All-Star last season in Double A, is hitting just .156 in 45 at-bats.

Tebow has also struck out 18 times in those 45 at-bats and has not yet hit a home run.  He has, however, managed to make solid contact with his first base coach’s groin.

While standing on first base, Tebow decided to stretch out his legs and caught the coach with his cleat.  That will teach his coach to stand so close.

The first base coach might want to consider wearing a cup from now on.  You don’t want to take too many cleats to the groin, especially from a guy who has tree trunks for legs.  The chances of avoiding injury decrease with every shot.

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