Things seem to be going very well for Tim Tebow and his girlfriend, Miss Universe 2017 Demi-Leigh Nel-Peters, and they just may be taking the next step, or shall I say, taking the plunge. 

We received word Tim and Demi may be planning a wedding. 

Just something interesting to note. One of Demi’s tagged photos is by a wedding photographer Hanri Human, he’s the same photographer who also took some modeling photos of Demi in the past. 

Check out the post below: 

This could just be the wedding planner trying to maximize eyeballs on IG, or it might be something more legitimate. 

Tim and Demi make a great couple, and there’s no doubt one day they’ll make a great husband and wife. 

You can check out more pics of Demi below: 

If Tim is actually waiting for marriage to lose his virginity, I imagine he’d be very anxious to tie the knot. 


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