After a lucrative  career in the NFL and as an ESPN analyst, current Major League hopeful Tim Tebow has always stuck to a regimen when it comes to food intake.  

Tebow told a group of media members on Monday that he is on a ketogenic diet, high in protein with almost no carbs, and never has a cheat day.

Via USA Today:  

“I’ve always stuck with my discipline with stuff like that,” Tebow said before his game with Triple-A Syracuse. “I’ve kind of always been that way. The things I knew weren’t healthy for me, I’ve stayed away from since I was 15.”

“Well they make keto ice cream now and they make some keto cake. Honestly it’s really tough to splurge. My brain just doesn’t allow me to even though some people have a cheat day or a cheat weekend,” Tebow said. “It’s hard for me to wake up and say today is the day I’m not going to get better at something.

“I’ll try the hamburgers; I can’t eat the potatoes or the macaroni. I’m on a low-carb diet, a keto diet. So I probably won’t try it,” Tebow said laughing with a scrum of media in the dugout at Frontier Field.

Tim Tebow is a virgin still, so not very surprised the guy hasn’t had a sip of soda since he was a teenager. 

Tim is just different, we’ll leave it at that. 

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