Tim Tebow has been red hot of late.  The 30 year old Binghamton Rumble Ponies All-Star outfielder hit his sixth home run of the year on Friday night.  It was a solo bomb to right field.


It has never been more Tebow Time since he’s been in the minor leagues than it is right now.  This is his slashline since June 2, .333/.364/.448 with an .811 OPS.  Oh and how could we almost forget, he’s dating another Miss Universe.

Not bad for a professional quarterback.  It’s time for a Tebow call up.  The Mets are 13.5 games out of it in the NL East, there’s nothing to lose.  

Maybe Tebow brings some of his good luck with him and the Mets go on a second half run.  It’s a win-win.  Tebow puts asses in the seats and a little magic happens.