Reports have surfaced that the Minnesota Timberwolves are interested in former Chicago Bulls head coach Fred Hoiberg to take over if they were to move on from Tom Thibodeau.

Via Bleacher Report:

Former Chicago Bulls head coach Fred Hoiberg could reportedly take over as the Minnesota Timberwolves‘ head coach if they decide to fire Tom Thibodeau.

Tom Haberstroh of NBC Sports reported Monday that Hoiberg, who spent the final two years of his playing career with the Wolves and then served four years in their front office, may return to the organization if the top coaching spot opens, as he has a strong relationship with team owner Glen Taylor.

“Glen loves Fred,” a source told Haberstroh.

According to our source, that is true the Timberwolves are interested in Hoiberg.  But as the team’s general manager not their head coach.

The Timberwolves are interested in Hoiberg, but they want him as gm, not as coach. They want Dave Joerger as coach. If Sacremento fires him. If Joerger isn’t available they want Monty Williams from 76ers. Glen Taylor does love Hoiberg, and he tried hiring Joerger in past. He would go with Monty Williams because he’s loyal, unlike Thibs. The wolves turnaround on defense has nothing to do with Thibs; in fact stat department notices the huge difference between his on the ball and reap defense and when they play switch and perimeter defense. Numbers are much better with the latter, which isn’t Thibs style. They also know that Tyus and Saric by the numbers should be playing more as their defensive effeciency with them in there is tops as well. Stats department and players know this as well. Basically Thibs is done for at end of year minus huge playoff run. Wolves most likely won’t fire and hire anyone mid-season, buyouts are too much.

The drama in Minnesota seems to be never-ending.  The post Jimmy Butler era is still full of drama and will probably cause Thibs his job.