Although it is strictly stated that there is no restriction on wearing Tibet when wearing four-corners, but nowadays, every day, wearing a specially-designed four-cornered dress underneath his shirt does not fulfill this duty. Have to give The Torah verse clearly states that seeing the Tzizite Tassel reminds us to maintain the Mitzvot at all times and helps us to overcome uncontrollable devices. According to the Talmud the order of tzat is equal to that of all mitzvahs. Now here presenting to you tzitzit for sale.

When you go out to buy long linen, you will have several issues to consider, including the fabric, basic design and the type of teesight wire.

Fabric selection

According to the tradition, wool is considered the fabric of choice, but cotton is also allowed. Chazan Ash and Vilna Gaon both allegedly wore a refreshing dress made of “Arba Confutt” or “Long linen” cotton. Many chasidim, who usually wear long sleeves over their shirts, opt for artificial fabric because they do not look as cotton-like, but Rabbi Moshe Fanstein has ruled that only woven fabrics. Fabrics wool, cotton, linen, silk – are seen as shades of real clothing. It says synthetic fabrics that are not woven in this regard will be considered as equivalent to leather. , Which is clearly exempt from the obligation of Tzizites.


Wool Arba Kenfoot Garments usually come with a black belt near the bottom, but sometimes you find an option for a white belt, which is a custom for surfing. Usually the opening of the neck is tucked under the chest so that the long linen is easy to don and wear, but some people insist on opening a round on the basis that the minimum size is measured from the bottom down, This would mean that the minimum size does not meet the 18 inch requirement (or 20, 22 or 24 inches respectively, according to more stringent orders).

In recent years, a new tall cotton design has emerged in the market, called NETzit or TrimTzit or “tzitzit shirt.” Usually made of cotton, it is partially closed to stay in place, which is especially helpful for children or adults playing games. Some even wear it in the place of a shirt.


Near each of the four corners is a hole (or a pair of holes according to Chassidic custom). Make sure the gamers are strengthened; otherwise the fabric will tear up whenever the teasties are suddenly pulled for some reason. Cotton Arba Confote Garments usually come with pre-tied machine spin refineries. If you buy wool tail linen, you may have the option of either a machine spin or a hand spin tightsite. kosher scroll for mezuzah is also available here.

According to Hala, hand-rollers are clearly preferred, and the price difference is not significant. Occasionally you will come across very advanced teasties called “lashnuts” and “napitz lashes”, and many people today opt for the teklet, which is even more expensive and is a topic in their own right.

Usually the wires of adoration on the linen are thin, but some people generally opt for thick trunks allotted to a longer balance (shawl of prayer).