Cricket players are always on the hunt for the best cricket bats and high-class cricket equipment. And for professional players, especially, it is very necessary to have the right cricket equipment. If you are a cricket player and enthusiast, here is a comprehensive guide to making the hunt for cricket bats that are right for you easier. 

  • Make a budget

Whether you’re looking for cricket bats in online cricket equipment stores or physical stores, make sure to set an amount that you are willing to spend on it. This will help you eliminate options and choose from the bats that fall into your set budget category. From then on you can weigh out the pros and cons of every bat and buy the one you like.

  • Choose the bat according to your style of playing

Batmakers create cricket bats with different contours, edges, shells, sweet spots, etc. 

 Most bats are designed for any style of cricket: T20, ODIs, or tests. tailored to specific styles like the T20 cricket, others are designed specifically for ODIs. 

 As a player you should also determine how you play the game: are you more forefoot dominant or hindfoot dominant? Bats can be designed with the best positioned sweet spot to add value to striking play, and if you enjoy playing with the forefoot then you have the sweet spot. If you prefer to play with your back foot, check out bats that have a sweet spot between the center and in length.

  • Check out the weight

Choose a bat that suits your body weight. The bat could either be too heavy for you or too light for you. This creates a problem with handling and swinging the bat. Therefore, always make sure to choose a bat that is suitable for your body and complements your batting style. 

  • Find the Ideal Pickup 

Most players love to have a cricket bat with a bulky profile and incredibly lightweight, but that rarely occurs. There has always been a lot of discussion about heavy, solid profile bats that can hit the ball to a massive distance but that’s debatable. Since everyone has varying physique and strength, the important thing is to choose a bat that feels good to you. 

  • Lookout for performance reviews

There is a willow grading for bats when it comes to performance. It is said that grade 1 has the most satisfying performance having 8 to 10 grains and rarely gets blemished. While bats having 4 to 5 grains and blemished surfaces are of grade 4 or 5 and tend to perform not that well. The prices of the bats vary concerning grading as well. Grade 1 bats are usually more expensive as compared to grade 4 or 5. 



When it comes to looking for an ideal cricket bat, make sure to look out for the above-mentioned qualities. Make sure to set a budget and know what works for you as a player. Before looking for an online cricket store, do get to know the feel of each bat that you intend to buy as well.