We have just completed the first month of the new year and the highs of new year festivities have died down. People are back into their regular routines, school, work, and the normal hustle and bustle of daily life. About this time in the new year most people end up having forgotten about the excitement of the new year, and the energy of achieving all the new objectives for the year has started to die down for some. It is about that time that individuals start slacking from going to the gym, increasing their screen time, and generally falling back into the habits they had wanted to break out of this year. If this describes you, do not worry or beat yourself up, as we have a plan to get you back on track, especially if one of your dreams this year was to lose weight.

Weight loss plans

To achieve your ideal body weight, experts believe in following this one golden rule. Ensure that your input is less than your output. In other words, maintain a calorie deficit by burning more calories than you consume in a day. Having this deficit will ensure that you do not end up with excess unutilized energy that will then be converted and stored as fat in the body. To maintain a calorie deficit for weight loss, you may need to engage in dieting or enroll in a gym. Exercise and diet will enable you to burn up the calories that you intake in a day. It will also assist in the conversion of the fat reservoirs to energy. As such, you will be able to lose more weight. 

To help you stay on track especially since the excitement of the new year has passed, you may consider using a diet app such as Noom. This app is great since it allows you to set your goals and log your meals. As such, you will be able to maintain a record of your calorie intake. However, in case you would prefer a different alternative, patriciaandcarolyn.com known for diet reviews and weight loss tips has ranked some other options that you can choose from. Below are some of the tips that you can use to pick out an app that will suit you best:

1. Look out for free recipes

We live in a busy fast-paced lifestyle and it’s often hard for people to keep up with their tight schedules and get home in time to prepare a healthy meal. They thus often turn to fast food which contributes to more weight gain. To avoid this predicament, pick an app that has got plenty of free easy, and quick recipes. This will take the burden of figuring out what to eat from you and will also enable you to prepare in advance by buying groceries or meal prepping over the weekend.

2. Educate yourself

One of the best rules in life is to never stop learning and use the information and lessons that you get to make your life better. Some apps, therefore, contain a feature that allows you to receive helpful tips on how to, for instance, maintain a balanced healthy diet and what foods to incorporate to get the most nutrients. You could also obtain information on portion control, and how to develop a diet plan that suits your body. In some cases, the app may even contain the option to have a personal diet coach with whom you can discuss your progress and or any challenges that you may be experiencing. Aim for an app that will therefore help you achieve this objective if you wish.

3. Find an app that keeps you motivated

Developing good habits is not easy and it can often be easy to fall off the bandwagon and give up. However, there are plenty of little tricks and ways to keep yourself on track such as acquiring an accountability partner or rewarding yourself after every milestone is achieved. Some apps have notifications to remind you throughout the day of when to work out and to stay hydrated. Some even have notifications to encourage you and keep you motivated on your goals. Having these reminders and positive messages throughout the day will help you to stay on track. However, there are days when you might fall back on your goals but you must remember that it is okay and it is a universal human experience to slack off from time to time. When this happens, pick yourself up and keep pushing and remember to give yourself breaks during your journey.