You must have seen people playing different sports in different seasons? Why is it so? have you wondered about the reasons?

Of course it is because of the various effects sports put on us. Playing sports are very beneficial for us as they augments are potential for working and thinking. Like every other thing playing sports can be science too.

You have to choose and pick. You can get any equipment claiming s the best options but your awareness and knowledge about the game decides your need. For instance sports like volley ball needs Top volley ball shoes, cricket needs best kit and badminton needs best courts etc.

Similarly, in different weathers we need different kind of fruits for balancing our diets. The same goes for sports. In winter we need to do a bit more warm up while ins summers we are already very hot.

The varying needs are very important. You can not play and start with the same strategy as you did in summers. The two main temperatures are considered while planning sports. It is wither hot or old. Autumn and spring are usually ignored as autumn is thought to be a part of winter, that is mild winters and springs are mild summers.

In this article I will only highlight and briefly discuss the two main seasons. Different sports require a different set of tips we will only be looking for some outdoor sports and games. You can add any other advised by your coach or faculty but the following tips are to be followed any way.

In winters

  • Warm up

Before you start your game in winter you ought to keep your body warm for a while. In winters are body metabolism heartbeat and pulse rate are very low. You can not deny the importance of body temperatures while playing games.

Every coach advises its team members to have a warm up session before starting specifically in winters. Otherwise your muscles would get sore or stiff.

  • Wearing warm clothes

You can not go out and play in your routine clothes. You have to keep yourself warm. The cold gusty wind can destroy your temperature. Usually blazers inners and sweaters are preferred. Most of the times coaches advises its members to wear inners which are specifically designed for sports.

  • Beware of hyperthermia

This happens when your body is unable to produce enough heat. The temperature differences causes your body to lose energy and heat rapidly. This condition can not be ignored. You have to rub his hands or call some emergency hospital service.

In summers

  • Dehydration

Sweating is a common feature of summers. When you play sports you would obviously lose a lot of water. This is what every one fears a lot. You will have to drink as much water as you can. Otherwise your body will get dehydrated. Your kidneys would not function properly and the energy would not dissipate at an average level.

  • Preserve glucose

In summers doctors, sports men and coaches advises to drink glucose infused energy drinks. You must carry some thermos filled with some energy drinks.

Sweating would not only make you dehydrated, there are certain salts  which also leave your body while sweating this is a natural phenomenon. You have to take care of your body’s homeostasis.

  • clothes

wearing light colored clothes. Dark colored clothes are likely to absorb more energy. This can make your body over heated this can effect your performance.

always try to wear shorts and vests while playing outdoor games. Secondly keep a first aid box. In summers our skins are damp and chances of bacterial growth increases. In case of any emergency you have to use iodine tincture of any antiseptic as soon as possible.


Whatever season it is precautionary measures would help you enjoy the moment. Thus, be very meticulous about you living the moment. No one wants to have cramps after a game. That is why make sur that you are following the right tips in the exact weather. Moonsons and summers  one of the risky seasons regarding infections while winters can make you weak by weakening your immune system. make sure that your health is your priority because a healthy sports man is a happy sports man.