Metro Police have arrested a die-hard Tennessee Titans fan for reportedly threatening to kill everyone in a local business after the Titans lost to the Kansas City Chiefs in the AFC Championship.

On January 19 around 5:10 p.m., Metro Police responded to a barbershop on the 3000 block of Dickerson Pike on a report of a man wearing a Titans jersey walking into the store and pointing a gun towards employees there.

Officers spoke with two victims who said that Timothy L. Douglas is a frequent customer at the barbershop and that he approached the store in an aggressive manner holding up his middle finger.

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One of the victims said Douglas came in and was angry with the final score of the Titans vs. Chiefs NFL game.

Douglas reportedly pulled a gun on the other victim who had walked into the barbershop after him and put the gun in his face saying “I don’t play, and I’ll kill everyone of you,” before he left the store.

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