MMA fighter Tito Ortiz announced on Friday that he was ending his retirement after a year.  The reason?  He wants to fight Chuck Liddell one more time.

The 43 year old Ortiz said in his announcement on Instagram that he wants to give fans the fight they’ve been waiting for.  That fight is apparently a third fight with 48 year old Chuck Liddell. 

I want to give the fans the fight they have been waiting for #TitovsChuck3 #Redemptionthanks to @primetime360esm with @get_repostTito Ortiz is officially out of a year long retirement. 

Ortiz also said he wants Oscar De La Hoya’s new MMA promotion to host the fight.  The former boxer had previously said he wanted the third fight between the MMA legends to headline his promotion’s premier event.

It looks like the third fight between Ortiz and Liddell is closer than it has ever been to becoming a reality.

(h/t MMA Mania)