The NBA’s national television ratings are down this season with TNT facing a 22 percent drop compared to a five percent drop for ESPN. 

LeBron James’ move from the Eastern time zone to the Pacific time zone with the Lakers is believed to be a major factor. 

“Crazy how one guy moves and so does the whole sport,” one TV executive said. “I think when you look at the numbers that there’s no question that part of it is attributed to our most popular player moving West,” NBA commissioner Adam Silver said on Monday. “That earlier East Coast time slot of 8 o’clock, we knew would be impacted by him going west. These things work out over time. I mean, our ratings were up on Christmas Day. They’re not down on ESPN the way they are on TNT, so sometimes it’s just a function of the other games they get. There’s certainly no one at Turner or the NBA that is concerned about it.”

Maybe somehow Trump can take credit for the ratings drop. 

But in all seriousness, the NBA leans way too much on LeBron. 

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